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Default Some questions for Leily/mods about War Balance mechanics

Hi devs of CoR -- really great to see some detailed work on adjusting balance during invasions, in changelogs for 8 Jul 2020 and 24 Jun 2020.

It's clear the mechanics have been very carefully thought out. I have some questions about how they work:

In the 24 Jun 2020 changelog, the balance mechanism refers to: "Own Realm Door and captured ones become stronger if the enemy doesn't need to be balanced.":
1) What does the portion reading "if the enemy doesn't need to be balanced" mean - does it mean there is a calculation of number of players logged into each realm as well?
2) Just as a starting example: what is the current setting for increase in own Realm Door and captured realm door hps under Level 1?
3) Just as a starting example: What is the current setting for the time needed to hold forts and castle after the time is reduced to half, if the enemy doesn't need to be balanced?

4) In the 8 Jul 2020 changelog, it says the Dragon Power Level starts at 1 and increases to 4 at Balance Level 6. I think this refers to the Dragon Power of a dragon which is under attack from a realm which has made the dragon wish allowing them to attack an enemy realm's dragon - can you confirm this? (I am wondering if it is the dragon power of the dragon flying above the enemy realm gate when the realm is being invaded).

Thanks for helping answering any questions.
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