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Question Specifics?

Ok. Exactly which spells does the conj Insightful-passive affect? Exactly which spells does Sultar's Rage Amulet affect? Anyone?...

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From my observation:
Spell duration bonuses affects (ally or self) buffs you receive only. It has no effect on buffs you cast on allies (it'll only be determined by their own spell duration bonus).
Examples : Arcane Devotion, Divine Intervention, Bless Weapon, Shield Wall...
Exception for "dot" heals like Regen Ally/Self, Greater Regen. They technically last longer on you but the number of dots is still fixed so in the end there's no benefit.
Does not seem to work for damaging/offensive spells or CC durations at all.
No idea for true auras like Pylon or MoD but it looks unlikely.

You can hover on the spells with your cursor anyways. Their 'true' duration will be shown instead if you have spell duration bonuses.
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steel skin,karma mirror,damage magnifications,arcane devotion,energy barrier,summons,buffs cast upon you from others including horn,onslaught.

as warju i use sultar amulet and skill insightful 5 for a 30% spell duration bonus.

this means...

summons is now 52 seconds not 40
karma mirror is 39 seconds not 30
steel skin is 52 seconds not 40
divine intervention becomes a perma cast if recast upon you as soon as it cd's.

its so great i use that combo 99% of the time and 1% of the time i use damage amulet.....it needs a nerf in all honesty
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