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Default The Story of Regnum

Hello guys, long time no see. So you know how much talked about the important of lore. I'm playing Guild Wars 2 right now and you have no idea how alive does lore makes the game. Everybody speaks about creating events and instances that all of them overlook one thing: Lore. I had some time on my hands and decided to compile all the lore into one story. I hope you enjoy it.

Please note that the Lamai lore is made up. All we know about Lamais is that they were once roaming on Regnum and they vanished for a millennium. I'm not really much of a story teller but I tried to construct and make the lore more fitting into a story.

PS: It's a long story
PSS: Thank you LucianDeathshield for proofreading and correcting any mistakes.

The Beginning of the Lamaians

Long time ago, in this land we call Regnum, lived a race of powerful intelligence. It roamed the land ruling as its own. They were a peaceful beings avoided fighting when possible. Lamai, was the oldest of them all. He was the most intelligent as well. He led them to build homes and explore the land. With him, they discovered three drastic climates – The Desert, Winter and Spring. Not many could dwell in the same conditions. They wanted to split up in different tribes and settle where they felt best. Lamai didn’t want his people to split and warned them about possible trouble they might encounter. Everyone saw Lamai as a father figure and they explained to him their needs – they couldn’t and wouldn’t settle in one place.
Lamai then agreed, however he wanted to create a contingency plan. Others agreed and thus they gathered all their resources to execute their ultimate defence in case of anything that may happen. Every single one of them gathered around and performed their ever first ritual. They collected harnessed their energy into the middle and crafted it into six objects. They were coloured in pairs – blue, red and green. After this ritual they were exhausted. Lamai set them to rest as they had more to do before they were done.

The next day, they set out first in the land of the Spring – it was the least harsh of the climates. They built a large rectangular structure with six empty spaces engraved in it. Next they went to the land of the Winter, into the mountains, they built the same identical structure. Finally in the land of the Desert they built the same structure.

Lamai gathered his fellows one last time. He explained that the six objects – he called them gems – served as a reserved reservoir of energy. Each structure built is a portal. When a pair of gems are placed in the structure, it opens and one can travel from one portal to another. However they should be used cautiously as when used, the energy in the gems depletes bit by bit and it would take a great deal of time to restore them. When the six gems are used together in one place they can travel from one world to another. On the other hand, the gems can be used to power yourself to fend off any powerful attacks. Lamai appointed three men who he thought were best to lead each tribe.

As they were finished and parting words were being given, Lamai collapsed. His breathing was fast and short. Panic struck in his fellows. He encouraged them to be brave and follow their leaders. He then turned to his appointed ones and told them to be wise and lead their tribes into safety. After that, his breathing stopped.
They gathered together and with the help of their tribes, gave their father figure a proper great burial. To keep his memory alive throughout the years, they called themselves ‘Lamais’. They then parted ways and settled near the portals they’ve built.

The Fall of the Lamaians

Peace reigned for a century or so. In year 112 of the Lamai Reign – some of their scouts and hunters began to disappear. After a month or so, crushed bones began to appear scattered throughout the limits of each tribe’s land. The three tribes met for the first time in a hundred years. They were scared and none of them had any idea of their prey. They had no idea how to act. They knew it might have been time to resort to the gems, however they have decided to stay put but arm their settlements. A few powerful mages began to sense a destructive aura that was being inhabited nearby.
Lamais developed a keen sense of hearing. That added with the intellect of mages they created a revealing a tracking spell and a revealing spell. They held a meet and gathered their resources. All of the mages agreed that they felt a dark aura. Disturbances in the ground began to occur. The occasionally hunting stopped as no creatures were being seen around anymore.
At morning, they grouped up and headed from a north approach. After that the tribes formed three groups each consisting warriors with swords, spears and shields were stood in a horizontal line archers stood directly behind and a few mages lead each group. They tracked the aura to what seemed to be a cave. Together they’ve casted their revealing spell only to find a giant winged creature with scales all over its body waiting for them.
It let out a great roar which created a gush of wind. It then jumped up and crashed back down, making the ground shake violently so much that most of their troops were knocked down.

Archers began firing a massive deal of arrows. Their efforts to deal damage are like needles to the creature - it only showed discomfort but no sign of damage was seen. Warriors charged forward, only to be thrown away like pebbles. Mages halted the attack and commanded the troops to retreat together. The scaled creature was already taking flight again to stomp the ground. As lamais were retreating, the mages grouped together, channelling their energy together and blasting it towards the creature. It hit the creature in flight causing it to fall down. The creature finally showed a bit of bruising. However they still knew they weren’t powerful enough. In all of the fear, the creature took flight, and flew in the other direction. This sign of mercy made the race retreat safely to their homes. However they still knew the fight was not over. Each of the tribe agreed to place their gems into the portal to allow easy access between each tribe.
Preparing for the worst, warriors sharpened their tools and armour. Mages enforced all the weaponry with their magic. One Lamai Mage seemed to recognize the creature, went into his books. He found a paragraph about an ancestor. Those scaled winged creatures were magic eaters, also known as Dragons. They were powerful forces which roamed the land and the skies. Their only weakness was their heart – its anatomy places it in the centre of its body where the fewest scales are produced making it the soft spot of the body.

The distinctive aura seemed to multiply the next day. This either meant the dragon had gotten stronger or there were more than one. Either way, they knew it was dangerous. The lamaians gathered their gems and grouped together near a swamp. They tracked the aura to the same place as before. More prepared, they marched forward into the green prairie. Upon arriving, they see two red dragons circling in the skies. A brutal battle was waiting.
As they arrived they began powering the gems. One of the dragons dives down and projects a big fireball towards the lamais. The gems released violet balls of energy which circled around the whole army. It acted like a barrier and absorbed the great fire. The dragons landed on the ground flanking the army. The beasts roared in the air and stomped the ground, making it shake. Lamians knew they had to face each opponent together. The massive beasts were, if not more, agile as the lamaians. They pounced into the army, clawing their way. The barrier absorbed the hits like a sponge however after those powerful hits, it disappeared. This however, had given lamaians hope. They quickened their pace and marched uphill. Now they’re facing their opponents head on. Archers swarmed to the side. One of the dragons charged right into the trap. Warriors charged forward stabbing it in its feet and head while archers fired at its hind feet. For the first time the creature began experiencing pain. With the help of enchanted weapons from their mages, the toll was taking quickly. The mages channelled the power of the gems into a great arcane ball. For a moment they’d forgotten about the other creature. As they fired the arcane missile, the other dragon stomped them from the side making the lamaians fall on their behinds. The projected ball of energy took a different angle than they’d hoped. The fatal shot they were looking turned into heavy bruising on the back of one of the beasts. The dragon cried out in pain. It stomped the ground and took flight up in the skies and its companion followed him. This brief victory gave them hope. The lamaians marched together to the land of the desert as it was the closest.
Midway on their journey, the dragons reappeared. From the skies they let out two massive fireballs hitting quarter of lamaians’ troops. The mages grabbed the gems and began channelling for another barrier. Archers fired their arrows up in the skies in hope till the gems were channelled. The two dragons landed violently again to knock their balance. The bruised dragon swiped the closest troops, throwing them away as if they were nothing. The mages recreated the pylon of energy to be able to stand a chance. The warriors charged towards one of the dragons and attacked it till it couldn’t stand any more pain. With its wings it created a strong gust of wind knocking them back as it took flight. Meanwhile the mages produced another arcane missile to their next target. The other dragon charged from the skies towards the army of lamaians. The mages fired the missile and punctured a hole in the dragon’s chest killing it instantly. The massive creature crashed down on the ground , stopping only a few yards before the feet of the lamaians. In horror, the other beast retreated in the sky. Lamaians knew they won this round. They marched back to the land of the desert in order to celebrate their victory and rest. Nevertheless, little did they know that the dragon didn’t retreat but was following them from high in the sky.
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The following day, the dragons’ aura seemed to have diminished. Believing they won the war they held up a feast to celebrate victorious race. For three days straight they celebrating, eating exotic foods and drinking what they can. In the third night, one of the superior mages began sensing that the aura has returned. He rang the bells warning the race to arms. Sleepy and drunk, the lamaians weren’t in their top form to be able to stand another attack from those magic eaters. The power of the gems was not available to be used as they were returned to their pedestals.

None of that mattered, since this time they weren’t facing two dragons but a whole flock of them. Afraid, they quickly grabbed their belongings and began running away. The commanders of each tribe tried to group their tribes and flee together. The lamaians headed for the gems so they can teleport to the other tribes home for safety. Meanwhile the dragons had arrived in the skies, they circled their target and all of a sudden they let out a whole barrage of fireballs till the land was turned into dust. After the dust cleared out, any kind of existing evidence had been wiped out. The land was scorched black and was damaged so much from the attack that the layer under the land appeared, turning once the land of the lamaians into a valley of lava and volcanoes. While the dragons circled in triumph, the remaining survivors accessed the portal, teleporting into the lands of Winter and Spring.
The survivors had no chance to grief over their lost ones. They had to escape far away. All the remaining lamais grouped together in the land of Spring, where everything had started. They placed the gems into the portal and waiting impatiently as it slowly opened. One by one, they walked in with all the belongings to find a suitable refuge far away.

Dragons are creatures of magic. They sense powerful magic all the time. The portals the lamaians built were all linked together. Therefore if one portal was opened, all the others could be opened. The dragons scented the magic in the desert and within minutes they located the portal. As it opened, the dragons flew in one by one in order to find the source of this magic.
The dragon and lamais clashed one last time. The lamais used all their resources to flee away and the dragons followed them to consume the magical gems they were holding. Never in history there was so much magic was concentrated in one place. As they clashed together, the magic mutated and let out a huge explosion that it flew from all the portals and over the lands of Regnum. The lamais were thrown to a portal to another land. The gems transported back to their pedestals. Their colour however was gone. They were nothing but stones. The dragons consumed so much power that they contained it and exploded. All died except one. In the same time of the explosion other portals were created bringing different races into the lands of Regnum.

The Surviving Dragon

She was one of the eldest of them all, making her the most resilient to damage. She woke up what seemed a short sleep after the explosion. She looked around and saw nobody –all of her race were existing no more. Thousands of different voices were being heard in her head. It was making her crazy and suddenly a thousand visions flew in her mind. The truth was almost uncomprehending. She was knocked out for almost 400 years. Her scales were gold radiant from the magic which was flowing her body. She was able to hear every voice in miles and understanding every language each creature spoke. She saw the wishes of the creatures roaming on the land of Regnum – wealth, knowledge, power. She was able to create materials through her vision that each one wanted – she was a goddess. She picked up a scent of her race –three to be exact. They were more than just a part of her race, they were her children. Each was still young nested in an island surrounded by water. She was able to communicate with them through their minds. She asked them to find a suitable refuge, grow up safely and to learn from each existing creature till she could find them. They were all identical but coloured differently, due to their imbued element. She named the oldest Tenax, the middle Vesper and the youngest Alasthor. She cried out with happiness. Then she began to search for the portals in order to rejoice her children. As she found the portals, they wouldn’t open. The portals were no longer linked together either, although they all had the same destination. She sensed that the gems still exist but they were powerless. Her only way out were by the means of the gems and somehow they had to be powered.

The Migration of the New Races

In the span of those 400 years new races inhabited the lands of Regnum and civilisation was quickly built. These races still exist after a millennia, now the Lamai are joining them. The land of the Spring acquired its name Syrtis.

Wood Elves
The first race to enter were the Wood Elves. They are slender and fragile creatures with the instincts to help and protect. They are not fighters unless necessary, however they made natural scouts and healers. Magic was a gift to them and they were one of the few races who used it accordingly. Research was also a big part of their work and several scripts still survive of text on healing and protection. Alturians called them Conjurers. Before the arrival of Alturians, the wood elves built structures and temples in dedication to their Elven goddess Munditia (meaning purity). After the Alturians arrived, the sought out nothing but peace. They helped each other at time of needs, however they lived separately till the First Great War. The biggest legends of them all in Elven lore are known as The Four Seekers which consisted of four Wood Elves; Defrath, Lyon, Veren, Sylian and The Three Conquers known as; Allamar, Grethean and Lefrath. They once mastered all of the power, spells and sought out all of the knowledge. Wood Elves are the creators of resurrection altars and the founders of the Conjurer class.

Alturians are second known race to have entered the lands of Regnum. They are exceptionally built, great strength, good intellect and good dexterity making them good warriors and marksmen. Magic flowed in their body but they didn’t know how to use it. Years later, they met the wood elves, whom they taught those magic properties allowing them to be able to protect themselves and heal others. Alturians were quick learners and easily adapted to the arts of magic.

Half Elves
They began appearing mostly after the Elven wars as the Alturians and Wood Elves began accepting and marrying each other. The cross-breed made them excellent warriors and dexterous archers, however their magic flow disappeared, making them unable to became mages.

Utghars came from the portal the lamais had created. They landed in the snowy mountains of the land of Winter. They are large hairy creatures which they wield great magic and strength. On the other hand, they lack dexterity. They live quite isolated from others. Their mind was strong, even though hard headed, they were powerful users of Arcania magic.

Not much is known about this race. They however lived as nomads, travelling from place to place in order to hunt for food. Their instincts are of creatures of the prey; stay hidden, locate the weakest link of the chain and make a decisive attack to break the whole process, weakening the whole flock. They are unable to cast any magic, however that is compensated for their natural strength and hunting and marksmanship. They are tall, well-built race, that although from their size, they are one of the most agile creatures seen.

Dwarves were the last to arrive to Regnum. Different from others, they arrived by a big fleet of ships, settling in Skolheim village. They fled from their original country as a powerful snake beast known as Smirraz, destroyed their home forcing them to flee. Dwarves are excellent sailors and blacksmith. Despite their size and their inability of magic, there are very agile creatures and can be quite fearsome hunters and marksmen. They also have brute strength able to wield and cleave efficiently as any other race. They are very quick to anger, but forgiving at last. They also like to celebrate and drink beer till they pass out.

The First Great War
Syrtis, evolved in a great country. It was rich in wealth, food and power. As a sign of an alliance, the Wood Elves and the Alturians built together a big wall, now called the Great Wall of Syrtis and both lived behind this wall together.
In the land of Desert an uprising race began conquering every part of the land. This race were called Prime Igneos. The Igneos were yellowish tall creatures, who were very agile, wielding powerful magic and were exceptional melee fighters. They built civilisations and this was the beginning of the Ignis realm.
Meanwhile, the awoken dragon in began sensing several races which were changing drastically. They had raw uncontrollable power and their instincts were still being developed. Their minds were unstable and were easy to manipulate. She began flowing its energy to the pedestals in the gems in hope they would recover the gems and place them in one of the three portals.

The igneos, soon began expanding their empire quickly. In the valley of lava, they met with four powerful beasts who have been fighting together breaking the already burnt land. These were a beetle named Tirriket, a snake called Reptieth, a hyena called Junumar and a panther, Sheaneth.
The igneos offered a peace treaty – they would serve each god in return of their power to expand their empire. The beasts agreed and within months, the whole desert was under the reign of the Igneo. The igneos even conquered parts of Winter land, recovering two huge rocks they felt the need to bring back with them.. The parts in Winter land however, soon fell, as Igneos aren’t creatures of the cold. Then they marched towards the green prairie till they encountered the civilisation of Alturians and Wood Elves. Thus the First Great War begun.
The igneos never expected this much resistance and the toll of dead began rising. They managed to reach the Great Syrtian Wall but for a whole year they couldn’t penetrated it. As the Alturians and Wood Elves were awaiting reinforcements, the whole army of Igneos charged at the door, breaking the gates. It was the first time ever the Wall was breached!

Soon, however the reinforcements arrived, flanking the igneos from each side, they soon got eliminated one after the other. The igneos retreated back to the home land, with the Syrtian hot on their trails. With the help of the Three Conquerors; they soon managed to find their homeland, launching a counter attack. Greathen, found a forbidden spell which could take away magic. It was the only choice they to prevent another attack on Syrtis. As soon as the Igneos were located the spell was casted over entire kingdom, making the Igneos lose all their intellect they returned to their primitive state. The once well-built proudly stood race of Igneos were reduced to barren, hunched-over creatures which squawked every time it opened its mouth. They eliminated the threat and none of which they knew survived. Greathen, seeing the damage she’s done, quickly destroyed any evidence of the spell, making sure it was never used again.
The slumbered dragon let out a cry of anger and frustration. The race she was controlling in hopes of escaping her prison seemed to disappear once again. All was not lost as Igneos artefacts still remained for others to recover.
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The Survivors of Prime Igneos

After the great ritual, only two known Prime Igneos survived. One of them is Graj. He was once a powerful mage and leader in the First Great War. His life force was imbued on this plain making him return again after he dies. His strength and intellect remained, however his mind structure was completely destroyed. He is often found roaming at the ruins of the once proud city of Igneos.
The other survivor is Daen Rha, infamously known as the ‘Desert Wanderer’. He ruled the southern part of the desert all by himself and was one of the most potent figures in the First Great War, leading several successful attacks against Syrtis and was also a part of the leading team when they’d breached the wall. Daen Rha found refuge at his palace, which now is mostly buried under the sand. His strength and wisdom still remains and unlike Graj, the structure of the mind is still intact. He is able to call Igneos and do his bidding as he likes.

The Elven War

As the First Great War ended, Syrtians recovered many artefacts of the Igneo race in order for them to study. From those artefacts, they found out that there were five distinctive energies radiating throughout the artefacts. From all the artefacts they recognized four distinctive rocks and brought their own. They placed it into the unknown structure they seen standing for ages. The door opened and curiously they marched in. There a dragon stood, welcoming to her lair. She asked them to select their wish. Still coping with the disbelief they’ve just seen, they asked for more knowledge about the artefacts. The dragoness granted their wishes, however without finding out that the some of the artefacts belonged to her. The dragon took flight and headed to the opened portal. As she reached the door a barrier seemed to hold her. She let out a cry that terrified the people inside. She sensed the gems were cracking. If they broke, she might close the portal, locking her back in. She turned back in her resting place and commanded the people inside to get out and not bother her again.
A wise sage called Lemoral was part of the research they were doing on the artefacts. He was struck by a vision that these artefacts were nothing but trouble and gathered the people of Syrtis to destroy all the artefacts. Lemoral warned that these items were infected with black magic. It’s corrupt and uncontrollable. Soon a civil war erupted in the realm of Syrtis.

Most of the Syrtians sided with Lemoral, getting to a decision to exile any other creature who tried to research further the artefacts. Syrtians were forced to exile their own kind in order to keep Syrtis out of black magic. Furious and afraid several Wood Elves and Alturians marched together out of the Syrtis Great Wall. Apart from being forced to side with one or the other, many Alturians were afraid what would happen. Another group, packed their bags and headed North-West into the forests.
Allahed was a respected elf. He was considered a prodigy; natural magical talent and intellect. The exiled listen to him, thus he was elected as their leader. They marched out of the green wasteland and into the hot desert. They wandered around till they found a pool of water. It seemed to appear from nowhere, and looked like heaven on earth, with shady palms and what seemed an endless supply of water. Out of a sudden they were surrounded by a great deal of archers. They spoke up, asking what their nature of their race is. Allahed maintained courage and spoke up that they were looking for a place to build their new homes. The aggressors thought about the answer and decided to partner up as they were tired of running from one place to another after every week. The aggressors revealed themselves as Moloks. They lived in this area for many years, avoiding any Igneo contact at the same time. Together they marched into the renowned land of the Igneos.

It was not but for another couple of years when they arrived in the plains of the desert. Allahed found that his strength was fading, he knew he was dying. He called out the group of his people and sought out the strongest ones – physically and mentally. Of each race he chosen Alexia from the Alturians, Sigfrid from the Wood Elves and Malak from the Moloks. He told them they should lead together the new founding realm and to establish a legacy, so one day they can return home. They finally halted at a grassy plain near the mountains. It seemed the only place of grass which was the only thing reminding them of their original home. They saw it was far away from any Syrtians and looked hidden. Allahed channelled his energy towards the champions he chosen and passed away. There, they named they built a town in named it Allahed in his honor. The whole population cried out for him and marched him further in the lands of desert so they can give him a proper burial. They buried him in the place, they now call Allahed’s Arteries and towards the corner there is a sanctuary with his statue built in his honor. Legend has it that it strikes fear when igneos approach it.

The new people of the desert indulged in the artefacts they took from Syrtis and researched the ruins of Igneos. The exiles, along with the Moloks turned into a very spiritual race, believing in two planes. That of the spiritual plane where souls, undead and gods resided and that of the physical plane. Where one plane was strong, the other was weaker. Therefore when they sensed their new appraised gods not to be answering their prayers, they made of animal sacrifices and rituals. Finally, they found out a ritual they can perform for greater intellect and strength. This benefits them and their newly gods as it required the sacrifice of 888 souls. The killing starting, piling body in one place and then made a great bonfire in respect of their gods, and began casting their ritual. The wood elves threw away their bows and arrows. Their skin turned dark. Their body was no longer slender. Great strength was showing off in every part of the body. All of the archers picked up the sword and shield as a sign of change from the other elves. Dark Elves were now a new race and the human tribe called themselves Esquelios and the Moloks now sided with their new inhabitants. The bonfire served as a sign and they decided to call their new home Ignis, meaning land of fire.
The four new gods; Tirriket, Reptieth, Junumar and Sheaneth seemed to have accepted them. A high priestess was chosen, a dark elf named Azzaria. They believed she was chosen from the gods. She led them to a place where she found inspiration and wrote the holy book of teachings Tal Nazzur. There they built a new town, now they call Medenet.
During this war, a dark mage in Ignis learnt of the legend of the Lake of Ancients, his efforts were spent trying to resurrect the Soul Monger in order to help them in battle. While succeeding, the Soul Monger killed his resurrector and went in quest to find the people who had imprisoned him before. He was confronted with the three Elven legends; Allamar, Greathen and Lefrath who gave their lives in order to imprison the Soul Monger once again.
Meanwhile behind the thick North-West forest, in the snowy mountains, another empire was starting to grow. As the Alturian tribe reached the mountains, they clashed with a small race, they called themselves Dwarves. Dwarves thought, they were here to invade, they quickly attacked. This war lasted shortly as they saw both were seeking the same things – refuge, safety and a new start. Dwarves are quick to forgive and formed a strong alliance together. The Alturian tribe began calling themselves Nordos, meaning people of the North. After this alliance Utghars came out from hiding, claiming they saw each one’s arrival, making them the original inhabitants of the land. In their surprise, Utghars didn’t want them to leave, but to join forces and keep their newly home safe.
There is an old legend which says that a mythical beast roamed the lands of Winter. Utghars claim they saw his snout and wings. He let out a howl, which made all beasts of prey run away from the Utghars camp. Dwarves spoke of the same beast. When the Dwarves were forced to sail in the unknown waters, every night, they heard howls which kept the beasts of the sea away. They followed the howl every night, till they arrived in Skolheim. The beast was a snowy white wolf. It had wings coming out of his back. It was known as Siulas. Their beliefs where that this mythical beasts protected the brave and favoured them in battle. The people of Winter quickly adapted him as their patron. From its name, they adopted the name ‘Alsius’ and their new emblem showing what they thought it looked like, the face of the beast.

Together they were led under the dwarf emperor Gash Gur’rent. They knew the situation about the Syrtis realm and the new founded-Ignis was presenting a great threat about their decisions as another realm. Gash decided to stay out of conflict and focused on increasing trade, wealth and strength of his empire. In all parts of Regnum, Alsius became known for the best blacksmiths of the land. Nobody had sharper swords than them and none of them had stronger armour than the Alsirians.
The Elven War began taking its toll however, as battles began taking even parts in the lands of Alsius, where many villages stood. Their battles made Alsirians’ homes crumble and fled for safety. Seeing that this war was getting out of hand, Emperor Gash Gur’rent grouped together a party and went in the forests in hopes of finding a representative of each. In his search of making his villages safer, his party got conflicted between two opposing armies. An arrow hit Gash in the chest, making him fall instantly from his horse. The arrow hit him right in his heart. As he was dying, his parting words were, “Protect…from elves.” Which elves, he never mentioned, thus the furious Alsirian empire declared a full on war against both factions, in order to protect their homes and to avenge their emperor’s death.
This marked the end of the Elven Wars and started the period we know today.

The Crystal Wars
Apart from the war Alsius were facing against two great factions, they had another war at home. The Crystal War began with the dwarven hero Thundermace. He was amongst the strongest of them all. He protected his race in the crossing between their home and the lands, now we call Alsius. He continued to fight against a water race called Aquantis. He also found the first Magnantite Weapon, which had an Aquantis artefact – the Amulet of the Seas. Legend has it, he killed over 200 Aquantis single-handedly. To this day the aquantis are trying to recover the Amulet of the Seas as it once belonged to their race. In search of the amulet, the Aquantis found half of the artefact. This caused Thundermace’s spirit to stay in this world. In order to relieve Thundermace from his torment, the two halves of the artefact must be represented to his spirit, in order to free himself and seek eternal rest. The Crystal wars are diminished to an island, now they call Crystal Island where violent creatures are known to roam, attacking any courageous adventurers willing to step in the island.
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From the Elven Wars to this period
The wars between Alsius, Ignis and Syrtis still rages on, and many temporarily alliances happened during the time to make one faction crumbles. All of the three factions learnt of the six gems and the pair they have residing within their realm. The portal was opened many times and the dragoness granted their wishes. Despite her efforts to try and escape she sensed that the gems were not strong enough. She then created her own gem, we know as the ‘Draconic Gem’. Its greed and lust radiates greatly as this gem gives the wielder unimaginable power – but at the price of battling your own kind for the power. Little does any realm knows that the draconic gem’s magic flows in all of the gems, making them store more magic. The stronger the gems get, the stronger the chance the dragoness has to finally leave her prison.
Several legends has been born and created that to this day still roam the lands of Regnum.

Evendim was a powerful necromancer at that time, considered as a genius and mad. He is solely responsible to creating the spell we know today as “Mana Burn” and the more infamously known as “Evendim’s fury”. His research showed how he can manipulate each energy as a weapon against the user. He was one of the exiles that went into Ignis. The Igneans who dealt greatly in dark arts, creating the Warlock class we know of today and the uses of summons in Conjurers, were terrified of Evendim nonetheless. Evendim was exiled from Ignis again. Still posing a great threat, for the first time, Ignis and Syrtis joined forces together in order to defeat Evendim. From this party, the most known hero is Sultar. Sultar and Evendim fought for days, displaying a great deal of magic, none has ever seen before. In the end, Sultar emerged victorious, defeating him at the ruins, now known as the Stonehenge.
Time passed and without anyone knowing, Evendim rose again as an undead – more powerful than before seeking out revenge against his oppressors. To this day, Evendim cannot be killed, but defeated temporarily.

He was one of the exiles, who dealt in Dark Arts. Sultar and Evendim studied together however Evendim was creating many dangerous spells, that the Ignean community expelled him. Sultar studied what Evendim was creating and it was amazing, but knew what they could bring. He and the Ignean community burnt all the research of Evendim. Evendim still opposed a great threat to both of the realms and Sultar knew he had to make an end to it.
He also created two great spells now we know as “Sultar’s Terror” and “Sultar’s Devouring Mass”. He was master of illusions and broke down Evendim, defeating him in a demonstrating a spectacular battle of magic in the process. Today, he retired from adventures and is making more research. He is living in an isolated merchant camp in Menirah.

He was once the one of the most powerful conjurers in existence. He was an exile and was feared by anyone. Apart from his healing abilities, he was known to control the elements from his sceptre. Nobody dared to approach him alone. He is the creator of the Staff Mastery and some of the elemental spells we know today. He then, died when his party was overrun by Alsirians. He held all the Alsirians by himself, giving chance his party to escape. He died heroically and his powerful sceptre was lost in the process.

Living in safely from their dwarven homes, they never expected to face a similar threat. In a dormant volcano, once the Alsirian army was marching into battle when they faced a giant worm. He is known to have the thickest hide of all the creatures, while he not very mobile, he uses all his body as a weapon. Thorkul was defeated several times but never killed, as he quickly burrows into the earth resting for another battle. His place of battle is known as Thorkul’s rage. There is no signs of life in Thorkul’s domain with the exception of a few werewolves and trolls.

The acceptance of the Necromancy in Syrtis and Resurrection spells
By time, Syrtis also indulged in necromantic spells – however they kept it to a limit. Conjurers were disabled and can use the undead who has died from Syrtis. Also, they can be used only if the undead were willing to. Any creature which didn’t want to rise, they cannot do against their will. Several spells in the necromancy trees are actually illusions of the minds confusing into giving health and mana to the caster.
Wood Elves indulged great research in resurrection. They found out that when a person is killed, its soul stays within its body for a whole day. During this period they are allowed to give life force, connecting once again the soul and body together, making them relive again. These spells cannot be used when a person dies from sickness or old age. Resurrection altars are also creations of the Wood Elves. When one person imbues to an altar, he is directing his soul and body to the altar. With the same conditions of the resurrection spell, one must find his alter with his soul before time runs out.

The Soul Monger
A brutal dark force emerged into the lands of Regnum, destructing everything in its path. Its soul contained fragments from the Lake of Ancients, meaning it was once part of The Lake of Ancients. The Four Seekers couldn’t let this destructive force take over, as well as keeping the Lake of Ancients safe from any external harm. The fight was a hard one, however with the forces of nature they were provided they defeated the Soul Monger and imprisoned him in the Lake of Ancients.
At the great Elven War, a dark mage known as Nehred had once heard of the Lake of the Ancients. With the magic increase from the Great Ritual the new Igneans had just performed, he was able a path directly to the Lake of Ancients. The Soul Monger broke off his chains and rushed back in the land of Regnum. Nehred was surprised that it worked and was proud that now he and his realm get go back to their original homeland. However the Soul Monger wasn’t going to take orders from anyone. He grabbed Nehred from his face and crushed his skull while absorbing his magic.
He then went to the last place he was defeated in order to get revenge from the four people who imprisoned him. He sensed their energy but could not see them anywhere. He was confronted with three different people – Allamar, Greathen and Lefrath.
Allamar was the only wood elf who wielded a two handed sword. None of the wood elves were even capable of wielding a small sword, let alone a two handed one.

Greathen was an invaluable enchanter. She could manipulate any object making it hit hard beyond steel. She was known as the ‘Magic Creator’ as she was the beginning of is known now as the Warlock class.
Lefrath was the best of his race. He was the stealthiest and the fastest hunter of Regnum of that time. He could manipulate his aura making it invisible and untraceable from any hunter.

The Four Seekers made contact with the three elves confronting the Soul Monger. They provided them a powerful spell it was used to imprison the Soul Monger the last time and each were given a runestone. These runestones were capable of absorbing energy and locking it away. Its purpose was to absorb enough energy so they can split his soul thus imprisoning him even further. The battle lasted for two whole days. Greathen managed to get the ritual ready. Allamar stood at the centre taunting the Soul Monger and Lefrath began absorbing the magic that flew from the creature. As the creature charged towards Allamar, the ritual activated and each pressed their runestone onto his chest. A bright light appeared, blinding anyone who was in the surroundings. At the expense of their own lives, they split the soul of the Soul Monger into four, each was imbued in the pendant of the Four Seekers and sealing him in a tomb of elements in the Lake of Ancients. The runestones used to imprison the Soul Monger were thrown away in different parts of the land of Regnum with the hope of never being recovered. To this day avatars of the Four Seekers appears. Rumour has it that were an avatar resides, so does a piece of the original runestones.

The Lake of Ancients
The Lake of Ancients is a mystical place that the elves believe it contains all kind of power and knowledge. However nobody knows where it is located exactly. The Lake of Ancients can also imprison demons and unwanted guests. It is severely protected by harsh paths and illusions that nobody has ever made it there alive and back except four wood elves. These were Defrath, who was rewarded with the power of Earth. Lyon, who was rewarded with the power of Wind. Veren who was rewarded with the power of Water and Sylian, who was rewarded with the power of Fire.
At the cost of knowledge and power, they were given the task to protect the Lake of Ancients and not letting anyone enter. Each were given a pendant that give them the power they needed in order to guard the place and watch over their fellows.

The Return of the Lamai race
A millennia has passed from the war of the dragons and the lamais. They found out that several races civilized in Regnum. In hopes of warning them about the dragon, they found several portals which led them into Regnum once again. However an argument was created about which portal to go through. In conflict of argument, they chose to go different portals and wherever they land, they ally with those inhabitants. As they did, they discovered that all the three factions are in war with each other and they had no choice but to join.
Soon the portal opened once again, and several lamais saw the standing dragon. Each recognized each other, but said nothing. The dragoness granted them their wish as always and left. The lamaians knew however that the gems had almost recharged to their full potential. Once they are powered at the maximum and the gems are entered in the portal again, the dragoness can leave its prison.

The Three Dragons
By time, the Dragons quickly matured and each realm found its dragon. For ages they clashed each other in hopes to acquiring its hide and magic to create new powerful items. The dragons fed up of the fighting, spoke through their minds an agreement. They each gave them three relics for safekeeping. In times of need, they can bring each relic together and the Dragon will each give their input at war. They also offered them to prove themselves against the dragon in its cave. If they succeed, the dragon will shed its scales in order for their realm to collect and craft new weapons and armour.

The End

I hope I made a good story.
Post away.
Also, longest post ever!

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