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Default Long time

Hey folks,

I clicked on the hotlink to this forum by accident and started reading
I played regnum i believe untill 2013 or 14.
Any of the old guys still around?
What's the game like? Are marks still OP?
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yes marks are still op lol.

the game is very area spam orientated these days.Area spell damage has reached ridiculous proportions and it is not uncommon to die at a fort just from area spells(sultar + thunder strike/typhoon chains).the game can still be fun(sometimes).
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hi blood-raven -- welcome back

actually a number of the players from 2013 are still around. the warzone in Ra is more active than ever, especially since many Haven players transferred here. They simplified the operation of the fort and gate invasion system since 2013 too. Marks still OP

Lots of small and meaningful changes. For example, the new Squid Island lets new low level players enter a mini-RvR and get levelled up in power immediately. Quite a few lvl 60s go in and try to fight new players too.
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