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Smile Coming back to a hunter

Hey, I have played Regnum a looooong time ago (2010 or something like that) and I returned because of the coronavirus... :P I have a hunter, and A loooot of things have changed, What do you recommend to me about playing as a hunter?
What builds, bows or armor or skills? How to start again?
Thanks for your attention
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Will be easier if you join Champions of Regnum Official Discord server: https://discord.gg/p2U2W9k and ask about that in tavern-en channel also link your game account with discord one (just log in on CoR official website, go to "My account" and use your discord tag then chat with TownCrier bot on discord).

About leveling hunter... I don't know your level but I would recommend you to use long bow + pet. Spam ensnaring arrow and shield piercing spells and let pet do the damage.
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Hi diagon -- welcome back -- hmm i wonder if i remember you..

The Hunter still has all the stealth abilities. But some changes are:

1) If you use Stalker Surroundings, i think you cannot stalker yourself on your own, It only works if you actually have an ally or 2 to stalker with you.

2) The biggest change is the new Hunter ability called Nature's Fury in the pet tree. This lets you make your pet explode like a bomb. I do not see it used that much yet, since the pet can stalker with you, it has seen some use as an invisible bomb.

3) I think they changed a bit of the fort mechanics. It doesn't only affect Hunters. For example, if the fort's door is under attack, i think the rear exit is disabled. Not sure why they did that.

Otherwise than that, the Hunter is still pretty fun and you can camo in with invader, I think. Though,. i think you cannot enter the enemy realm unless you are the designated invading realm. Not too sure about that.

Oh-- they other big change is warmaster jewelry. But if you know about these already, then i do not think it has changed much.

I can't think of other important changes yet. I think people say Hunter is current slightly underpowered, so maybe the devs will be reviewing Hunter abilities sometime (this is very very speculative).

And the other big change is Squid Island. It's actually quite fun to hunt in this island. Since i think--- there are some new players.
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comingback, guide, hunter, skills

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