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Default No NPCs + No Combat Mode + No Spells = No Fun

I've just reinstalled Regnum after more than six months away. After adjusting my (beautifully rendered) graphics to my satisfaction, I jumped in with my old Syrtis character, at which point I made way to the teleporter to Newbie Island.

I was dismayed to find the helpful NPC missing. Puzzled, I decided to run around and get used to combat again. I pressed my assigned "combat mode" button, and nothing happened. Strange. So I selected a target (poor green mosquito), clicked again, and still no combat mode. I even tried several of my spells (mostly buffs) and none of them did anything. These same problems occurred between characters.

Checking my net activity shows a low but constant level of activity for the duration of my gameplay.

I am running Ubuntu Jaunty Jackelope. I am on a wired DSL connection behind a gateway (although I see no reason why it would be so selective in the data coming through).

I haven't been able to find evidence of these problems (although I couldn't search for "NPC" because the string is too short). I'm hoping you might be able to pose a suggestion.
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