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Default Docker Image

*Note*: This currently does not work because the 18.04 repositories are not available anymore, only the archived ones. If you still want to follow this guide, please contact me. I'll fix this some day.


for those of of you sick of the dependency madness for getting to run Regnum in Linux, here is a Docker Image buildfile. It does not do anything but spare you the dependency installation.
  1. Install Regnum normally
  2. Proprietary NVIDIA drivers require more manual setup and are somewhat compilcated to handle in this scenario, so you will most probably want to install the open source graphics driver (nouveau – you can choose this in Ubuntu -> Software & Updates -> Additional drivers)
  3. Install Docker
  4. Install x11docker: Convenience script to run Docker images as a graphical application
  5. Get the files from here, e.g. as a zip and extract
  6. Open up a terminal, cd into that directory and run
    docker build -t regnum_docker
    . regnum_docker can also be another name
  7. To start the launcher, run
    x11docker --gpu --pulseaudio --home -- -v "/path/to/regnum":/regnum -- regnum_docker
    . Replace
    with your installation directory of regnum, the one that contains the "live" folder

The Regnum Launcher should start and everything works as always

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