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Default Nvidia Optimus 540m

Have an Nvidia Optimus 540m. Using bumblebee to access the Nvidia card. Get all the way to the enter world screen and then it crashes. Never even makes it to the logo.
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Default Now working on Bumblebee/Primus

I am using this on an Nvidia 620m Optimus system with no real problems, and have attached Primus to bumblebee.
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Exclamation nude modeles

this download to official sites on torrent link.
installing. login. x11 server down on then chose on realm.
restarting x11 server. creat on bash script on launching new tty.
launch. login. chosen on realm. OMG! - creating race and lobby - nude modelling! hm...
thought that this bug only in the lobby.
create personaly. connecting. online. OMGx2! all PERSONALY (and NPC also!) - nude modelling.
No - I'm certainly not against his bare half-elf.
but male in place cowards - all the empty space in the model.
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Originally Posted by KROne989 View Post

try 'force safe mode' in the advanced settings, this helps against nudism in the game
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Default Premium store missing a menu entry...

Nearly everything works. I don't get a neat picture of my toon in the upper left corner, but that's okay; I don't get the nifty graphics during the login sequences, but that's okay too.

The Premium store, however, seems to be missing the "Paint" entry. While I can run the Windows client under Wine (and have in the past) to make the purchase, it seems to me that something is wrong here.

Not sure how to force it, either.

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Ad Speciosum Puer
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"Nearly everything works", yup.
The only substantial Linux issues I currently have are: (with old Nvidia 218 model GPU).
1) NGD recently eliminated the shader model line from the game.cfg file, & thus I can no longer use "low option" video setting in game, but then change the SM to 3 or 4. (Result, I lose a few fps, & have to use medium setting; otherwise, I cannot see any water, which is dangerous).
2) I have not been able to use "beam weapons" option for years. It did not work, then it worked for a few months a few years ago, then it hasn't worked ever since (it crashes the game if on). Result, I cannot easily see missile attacks on my character, & often get hit more times than I would like before I notice it (this is only real issue I wish I did not have to contend with).
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Default integrity of game files

Issue: Game crashes to desktop (CTD) upon startup
Fix: check the integrity of game files
How: open steam library, right-click the game, go to properties, choose the "local files" tab and then click "verify integrity of game files..."
After that, the game will download and update files if any failed the integrity test.
In my case it was 16 files that failed the test.

It fixed my problem today, so maybe it'll help others too.
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Is it the 64 or 32 bit client under steam ? I have that problem that Ro doesnt start but installed under steam it works with graphic errors and low fps...
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