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Default Problems and their possible solutions

Hi! I'll share with you a brief text to clarify some of the most common doubts you may have:


There are several possible causes for crashes, for instance:
  1. Programming errors.
    This is an exclusive responsibility of NGD. We are constantly finding and fixing this problems but as this game is a complex one, there are very strange situations that could cause a crash and they are so hard to reproduce that fixing them takes longer than we would like.
    The files (dumps) that the game generates and you send when you relog are the most useful tool we have to trace and fix this problems.
  2. Old/obsolete drivers with errors.
    Regnum (specially after the graphics engine update) uses all of the techniques and resources of your video cards as possible. In certain ocasions the video driver isn't the latest and can or not have this features, have them untested or with errors. That is why it's important to have the lastest driver version.
  3. Virus/Malware interfering with the correct execution of the game.
    We've seen cases in which virus/malware software inducing unexpected problems (given that this programs do not go through and extensive "quality control", they tend to cause several problems besides the ones that they are programmed to do). There is not much to say about this except keeping your PC clean, which will make everything work better.
  4. Programas pesados abiertos durante la ejecución del juego.
    Regnum uses a lot of memory. If you have Firefox open (for instance) with 20 youtube videos loaded, the game will have a hard time getting memory from the system to work properly. And if the system happens to say to the game "I don't have any memory left for you", the game explodes and crashes.
Server crashes

This error causes the disconnection of all players and the possibility of data loss of the last moments of each game sessions (commonly causes the loss of the last earned experience points). This information is lost because the server doesn't close tidily (it directly explodes and can't do anything more) and because of this can't save the last information to the database.

NGD has the procedures to analyze and fix this cases and, I don't know if anyone noticed, but the server crashes tend to be more weird each new time. The most common symptom of the server crashing is that the server/gameplay ping shoots to the sky and leaves the player standing still without a chance to move, fight, chat, etc, until the disconnection dialog appears.

It mustn't be confused with this the occasional connectivity problems that cause a massive disconnection.

Massive disconnection without the server crashing

In certain occasions at some point, the Internet's infrastructure has an inconvenience and a group of users ceases to have access to the servers (this happened in christmas, for example).

If the problem is located in the datacenter where the servers are running, ALL players get disconnected, despite the server is still working, without users. In this case there is no data loss for anyone, just an iterruption of whathever it is you were doing.


LAG is an excessive delay between sending a message from the client and the answer of the server. It can have many causes, for instance:
  1. Overloaded server.
    The server runs in a very powerful machine, with several CPUs and some GBs of RAM. Because of design problems / bad implementation it has a hard time handling populated battles as the ones that happen in an invasion, in which we've seen at most 300 players fighting at the same place. We're tracking and rewriting the most sensitive and heavy parts of the server for it to handle even more users. This isn't a simple thing to do and requires exhaustive tests (as we perform from time to time in Amun) but generally the real results aren't noticed until we test it in the official servers.
    The only thing I can clarify here is that we are still working on this and we hope to raise the capacity of the processing power of the server as much as needed for it to work properly in any kind of situation.
  2. Saturated connection.
    This is obvious, if you're downloading music or videos (or uploading), or you have a shared internet connection and other PC is using all of the available bandwidth, it's obvious that the game will not work as it should.
  3. Insufficient bandwidth.
    We've seen (and experimented) that most of the Internet providers apply a traffic limitation (traffic shaping) for non common ports (as the ones Regnum uses). I can expose an example, for instance there was a time when in NGD we had an ISP called Fibertel and even we couldn't get into the game as the resource downloads took HOURS.
    To put it in numbers, if the provider doesn't allow you to receive less than 10kb/s and the server is trying to send you 20kb/s, you will have lag.


Low FPS (miscalled as LAG by most users) are due to the PC in which Regnum is being run, being it unable to process and render a scene in an acceptable speed. It can be caused by:
  1. Non efficient graphics engine implementation.
    This was the main reason of the new technology. The idea was to rewrite the graphics engine having in mind to make the most of the newest video cards. This also should (theoretically) have helped older cards. Due to the impossibility (because of lack of resources) of testing it in all the possible hardware, we're still fixing problems.
    Some may say “but before, it worked great on my onboard Intel and now it doesn't!!”. Sadly, we have to look forward and not backwards. Although it is important that all the possible users can enjoy the game, we will not sacrifice technical or quality related graphical features for it to run properly on 10 year old cards.
  2. Slow CPU.
    If the processor is slow, obviously it will not be able to process all the gameplay in an efficient way, and don't even mention the scene processing part that the CPU has to do. There's nothing else to say here: if you have a slow processor, the game will run slow.
  3. Slow GPU (video card).
    The same as in the Slow CPU. Although there are cards that support Shader Model 4, there are low, medium and high end cards. A GeForce 6150 and a GeForce 6800 are similar in features, but their processing power goes from sad to powerful. The same goes for the 7300 and the 7900, 8200 y 8800, etc. (And with ATI too, but I'm not well aware about the numeration).
    The solution is to lower the Shader Model, the texture quality, turn off the effects, lower the resolution... or change the video card.
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