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Exclamation Regnum Online forum Regulations

(Bald ins Deutsche übersetzt)

Regnum Online forum regulations.

Below are the rules of behavior for the forum. Those who fail to comply with any of them will be affected by the measures described below. The recividism in the violation of this Regulations can be an aggravation to the measures to be applied.

Those actions of dubious behavior that are not covered in this regulation, will be at the discretion of the moderators.

This regulations are subject to change without notice.

1) About Community users
1.1) You can't insult or verbally attack other users using words either in an indirect or direct way.

1.2) Private issues between users must be conducted using the private messaging system of the forum.

1.3) It's forbidden to accuse any user of any kind of activity, be it inside the game or in the forums. To report the mentioned cases you must send a ticket to http://www.regnumonlinegame.com/support in the "Abuse" section with proofs and corresponding explanation.

1.4) If any user infringes any of the forum regulations regarding the publication of a topic or reply, this must be ignored (not replied) and reported by the Report Bad Post tool or by sending a ticket to http://www.regnumonlinegame.com/support in the "Abuse" section indicating the link to the thread or post involved. This procedure is imperative to enhance moderation and avoid the deviation of the topics in discussion.

1.5) Discrimination of race, creed, gender, religion or any other kind are forbidden.

1.6) Any diminishment or disqualification to other user's opinion will be severely punished. In the case of not being in agreement with an opinion, DO NOT reply if it's not with the due respect.
2) About Forum published content
2.1) In-game abuse or bad behavior reports can't be posted in this forums, for such issues you must create a ticket system at http://www.regnumonlinegame.com/support in the "Abuse" section. Please attach proofs and a brief description of the issue.

2.2) You can't send pictures with obscene content that may offend the sensibilities of others or links to pages with content for grown ups.

2.3) Messages or replies to threads and posts must contain relevant text to the proper topic or else they will be deleted. Recidivism will be punished with a ban of the account.

2.4) Those topics that may be repeated can be edited, moved or closed by the moderators.

2.5) Links to illegal programs or pages of that kind are not allowed.

2.6) Threads without content, arguments or not related to the game will be moved to "The Inn".

2.7) Any kind of message that may turn a thread off-topic will be deleted. The recividism in this attitude will have an aggravated measure to be taken.

2.8) Posts in "The Inn", "Images", "Suggestions" and "Complaint Book" forums will not raise the posting counter.

2.9) Topics that, by moderators criteria, are cataloged as discordant for the community will be closed or deleted immediately to avoid inconveniences. For example, topics about invasions, enemy realm attitudes or allies attitudes towards enemies.

2.10) It is not allowed to publish information, links or multimedia related to other games of the same genre of Regnum Online. Such content will be cataloged as Span and the measures to be applied will be aggravated by this fact.

2.11) Thread titles must be descriptive and related to their topic.

2.12) It will not be allowed to create threads about the Support System, Website or NGD Personnel. For such cases there is an email address: community@ngdstudios.com.ar
3) About User Profiles
3.1) Signatures can't have any kind of images except the 2 (two) allowed forum smilies or text such as the latest points describe. The maximum available lines for a signature is 3 (three) in an horizontal resolution of 1024 pixels.

3.2) The data provided in the User Profile must be related to the items that describe and entitle them. Any input that doesn't match that description will be modified without previous notification.

3.3) User signatures must not contain trendy messages and must not encourage attitudes forbidden among these regulations. Also, they cannot contain insulting messages to other users or group of users.

3.4) The data and image of the User Profile must comply with points 1, 2 and 3 completely, which are described in this Regulation list.
4) About Forum sections
4.1) Forum "General discussion" is open for discussions that reflect the actual or future situation of the game. Any topic which represents a technical issue, inquiry, error, suggestion or complaint must be created in the proper section.

4.2) Forum "Questions to the Community" is a section for all kind of questions regarding how the game works, location of NPCs, character setup, quests or any related topic. These topics will be replied by the community and not NGD Studios or any of its representatives.

4.3) Forum "Images" has as principal purpose the publication of topics which have in-game screenshots or user created artwork related to the game. It is not allowed any content from other source.

4.4) Forum "The Inn" will have all the topics that are not related to Regnum Online or that their content is not relevant to the topic at hand. Every topic fulfilling this description which has been created in any of the other sections will be moved to this forum.

4.5) Forum "Technical Support" is a place to put all inquiries regarding technical problems thay may come up in Windows platform. These topics will be replied by the community and not NGD Studios or any of its representatives.

4.6) Forum "Support -> Linux" is a place to put all inquiries regarding technical problems thay may come up in this platform. These topics will be replied by the community and not NGD Studios or any of its representatives.

4.7) Forum "Support -> Balance" will only contain topics related to game Balance and must be properly developed and with a carefully explained argument. Every topic that does not comply this two indications will be moved to "The Inn". Given the case that a topic is repeated it could be closed or included in an older topic.

4.8) Forum "Support -> Gameplay problems" will have reports of any error or malfunction of the game features. Before posting in this section you may at least test the issue minimally to avoid misunderstandings.

4.9) Forum "Support -> Suggestions" is a section to publish users ideas which will be comunicated to NGD Studios' team after a selection provided by moderation.

4.10) Forum "Support -> Complaint book" will have any kind of complaint related to the game, not to the procedure of NGD Studios' team, as this is REGNUM ONLINE's forum and not "NGD Studios, development team" forum (This forum is a tool to give/obtain information, the used procedures are always under constant scrutiny of NGD Studios to be enhanced).

4.12) In the "Forum guidelines" forum there will be sub-regulations for each particular section. This sub-regulations are complementary to the points described in this Regulation list.
5) About Forum Administrators and Moderators
5.1) You can't demand answers from the forum administrators or moderators. Messages containing this kind of claims will be edited or deleted.

5.2) It's not allowed to question the forum administrators or moderators tasks, as they are decided by NGD Studios, not them. If any of the activities carried out by them may not seem appropriate this could be warned by sending a mail to community@ngdstudios.com.ar and not inside the forums.

5.3) Spreading rumours about any member of NGD Studios will cause the immediate use of measures against their creators.
6) About measures to be applied
The violation or public praise of the violation of any of the points described in this Regulations or sub-regulations will have as a consequence the following measures:

First fault: 2 days account ban.
Second fault: 7 days account ban.
Third fault: Permanent account ban.

There will be private warnings if there is a violation of a rule through the warning system of the forum. The amount of warnings a user will have before a measure is taken will be of two (2). If any doubt arises about the warnings you must send an email to community@ngdstudios.com.ar.

Given the seriousness of the matter, some fault steps could be skipped and next fault measures will be apllied.
This regulation includes the compliment of the points described in the Rules of Conduct and Privacy Policy of Regnum Online and each sub-forum's regulations.

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